Raymond Rowntree, CPA, CFP ®

Rowntree Tax Consulting was formed to help guide clients through the complex tax and financial world in which we find ourselves. While our service usually begins with the need to advise on and prepare income tax returns, this invariably leads to other financial and life-planning issues where we strive to provide education and guidance.

Our tax-law expertise will benefit the corporate business owner, the individual & family, and the Trustee/Executor of a Trust and/or Estate. The U.S. income tax regime is nothing if not a hodgepodge of rules and regulations cobbled together from disparate laws passed by Congress. At Rowntree Tax Consulting our strength is our technical focus on tax law and our goal is to provide thoughtful tax advice and preparation as we navigate you through the constantly changing tax environment.

As an added service for our tax clients, we can provide financial consulting. We do not manage money, sell financial products or receive any 3rd party compensation. What we will do is use our familiarity with your tax situation to objectively answer the questions or concerns you may have about recommendations from other financial professionals. We educate and act as a knowledgeable sounding board to help clients answer some of life’s most confusing questions involving money, investing, debt, retirement and related life-planning issues.

Our clients come to us with unique, personal concerns and questions. Having a trusted adviser in your corner provides tremendous peace of mind. You can be certain that Rowntree Tax Consulting will take the time to understand your tax situation, financial goals and provide the knowledge and expertise you expect from a tax professional.